Work at American Vassal

At American Vassal, we are ‘powered by intellect and driven by values’. We seek solutions for tomorrow and build them today. To help us do this, we encourage you to challenge the status quo. With us, you are empowered to not just think of breakthrough ideas, but also bring them to life with a powerful global ecosystem of consultants and engineers that help execute these ideas.

Exciting career paths:  With us, you can build a fulfilling career in consulting, technology, and outsourcing – from formulating business strategies to working on cutting-edge technologies like cloud, mobility, and big data to managing some of the most complex projects for large global organizations.

Lead the change:We understand to give your best to a project, you need to believe it makes a difference to you as a professional and the world around you. That’s why we provide ample opportunities to work with hard challenges that are off the beaten track.


 Please use the appropriate subject and Location in your e-mail subject line when submitting your resume.

American Vassal has set the bar up high through its Campus Recruitment Programs. Our training centre based at Texas; helps new hires and employees in continued learning and innovation with cutting edge technologies and solutions to stay at the forefront of the technology wave.

We hire a number of graduate and undergraduate students every year and as part of the initiative, American Vassal attends several career fairs throughout the year. We have hired students from Universities in the past and have given oppurtunity to develop hands-on experience while completing their studies and constantly look forward to more active hiring of accomplished graduates.



The internship program draws students from the fields of business, technology and the liberal arts to work on high-impact projects involving strategy and cutting-edge research. We provide a platform to expand your professional and academic horizon and help you prepare for a successful career ahead.